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Hola Pineapples! It’s been a while since we last connected via the Nikki Steele Style Blog! Mainly because I am still learning this new website platform (the joys of owning your own business 😜) and fulfilling all kinds of fashion orders from all of YOU! Thank YOU! It’s been so fun seeing the PSN sporting styles from the NS Style Shop, not only in Minnesota, but all over the USA! Woot! Woot! However, I know you all are World Changers, and want to get right to that, so let’s not waste any time and get to the 5 Spring Style Trends every Pineapple needs to consider for their Spring Closet. Following these suggestions will save you time, money, and create some fun for YOU this Spring Season!

1. Pink, Green, and Tangerine- Yaaassss, these colors are theeeeee colors of the season. If you don’t own any of these colors yet- now is the time to add them to your closet. Pink, in particular has made a big comeback starting last Fall and we see this color being worn all the way onto the Chanel Runways for this winter. Our NS Style shop has a great pink Chanel like shirt jacket that has been a hot seller. It’s one of my style favorites. It’s currently sold out, but hoping to get more per all your requests. (See blog photo above). Green is another hot color- in all shades, but this season the bolder the better! Tangerine/Orange is the latest on trend color- you’ll be seeing this color all over starting now- so add this to your wardrobe now and you’ll be saving lots of money as it is just on the cusp of exploding all over this summer. We have not found the right Tangerine/Orange color fashions yet for the store- but we are on the hunt- as you know we are very particular in what we bring in, so we will let you know once we find the perfect piece, but for now see these links below to get these Spring color trends:

PINK click here and here and here

GREEN click here

ORANGE click here

2. Blazers- Yes, this is a classic and always in style but this spring look for the over sized double breasted type. See the Orange link above to find in all kinds of fun colors in this style of blazer (Link to Allison Crandall the Express Style Editor above for Orange Link) - love her, don’t we?! NS Style Shop will be carrying a neutral light gray blazer that YOU will all love and at a great price point too! So stay tuned and check our website often!

3. Crop Tops- Love them or hate them- it’s the trend! Try for a proper crop top that hits at your narrowest part of your waist and pair with the highest pair of high rise pants you have, and tah-dah- YOU can pull this trend off without showing too much skin! This is a great trend to sport if your waist is one of your best assets- emphasize it! Pair with a blazer to make this look classic and complete! See our NS Style Shop crop top that has been a best seller. This top is also featured in the photo above paired under the Shirt Jacket! Perfect combo and all in pink so hitting all the Spring trends! Click here for a proper crop top!

4. Cut outs- whether these are found on the waist, shoulders, or back. Cut outs are in and on trend again this Spring Season. If you choose the cut out placement properly they can create all kinds of sassy in any Spring closet. And YES, they are not just for 16 year olds- choose wisely. Stay tuned for some fun cut out light weight sweaters coming to the NS Style Shop soon! Woot! Woot!

5. White pants! Nothing screams spring has sprung like a great pair of white pants! Plus these will take you right into summer too! Look for high waisted and loose fitting ones to be right on style trend. Tight pants in white can be tricky so trust me- stick with the loose! Click here for some nice ones and stay tuned for ones coming to the NS Style Shop! Style tip: Be sure to replace your white pants often as they tend to get more dingy looking faster than other colored pants. 

So Pineapples, these are a few Spring Style trends to incorporate into your closet this season. If you embrace these now- you’ll get more wear out of them then waiting to jump on the trend wagon saving you time and money- so what are YOU waiting for - join in on the Spring Style trends now- they tend to leak into summer and sometimes, into Fall and Winter like the color PINK will this year!

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Gracias Pineapples for ALL the LOOOOVE! I feel it, WE feel it! Lucky and blessed for sure! (If I get this blog figured out- I’ll try and get all the travel details from Miami and Arizona photo shoots on the blog post too!) Can’t wait to see you on all our travels too! We’ve met so many great Pineapples! Thank you for stopping to chat and join in on the fun!


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