Mission & About


To see, hear, y ignite possibilities with fun, fashion, y upscale style for every BODY! We believe when you look good, you feel good, then you do good. Embracing this vibe together we can change the world one style at a time!



My Hopes- My hope is NIKKI STEELE STYLE sees, hears, empowers y ignites possibilities with fun, fashion, and upscale style for every BODY! I believe when WE look good, WE feel good, WE do good! Finding YOUr personal style, your own unique vibe can be difficult, however, by asking the right questions, listening, teaching fashion formula techniques, plus adding in the perfectly curated styled merchandise- WE can change YOUr world. Together- WE can change the world one STYLE at a time! Take note- I don’t take myself too seriously. It’s not that I don’t believe NIKKI STEELE STYLE shouldn't be taken seriously, but I find levity helps move the ball forward. When we are serious all the time- things get heavy, and we get stuck in the same old, same old. NIKKI STEELE STYLE embraces possibility y chooses light heartedness y fun! I hope you can see and sense that about Nikki Steele Style. I do have fun with fashion and styling y hope you will join in on the fun too by joining our community on social media @nikkisteelestyle! I figure if I can start my own business, brand, merch y have fun while doing it at my age- I hope NS Style can inspire YOU too to follow YOUr dreams no matter what YOUr age. So many possibilities so little time! Am I right?!

My Dreams- My dream is to have NIKKI STEELE STYLE employ my nieces, nephews, my son, and many others! I would love to take care of the people that mean the most to me. My nieces would help with fashion designs for styling, other family members would do the graphics, manage social sites y marketing. Some would do the accounting (Oh how I would welcome that!), y most importantly, my son, the super tech head, would build all the computers y run y write all the software! I’m serious, I’m so lucky y blessed my familia have all these talents that I can capture. Ok- they may not all be in for this quite yet…but at any rate, assembling a team like this would be a dream come true! I’m actually well on my way in doing so!

My Why- The reason behind NIKKI STEELE STYLE started way back in high school- I styled my friends and family with the perfectly curated merchandise all the time. Our past-time was shopping on the weekends and then ending our day with dinner y discussing our finds for the day, plus discussing whatever else was happening on our world. I know, it seems superficial, but it wasn’t at all. This is how we stayed connected and understood we were part of something greater y bigger than ourselves. Being the youngest of seven- it was tough sometimes to be seen, heard, y feel empowered, but here, on these shopping sprees I was seen, heard, y felt empowered! There were so many possibilities I could see in every body. Also, y most importantly- I had fun. WE had fun! These were some of my favorite times! Times where I learned a lot of life lessons from my Mother and Grandmother (the Fashionista of ALL Fashionistas - I will have to tell YOU about the Dayton’s story, but not here;). Styling, encouraging, empowering y cheering on others was then, y is today my super power. By keeping my roots y super powers in mind, I played with the idea to start my own business while staying home to raise our bonito son. Finally after 13 of years being a sales executive for the chemical/pharmaceutical industries, I decided to retire. That’s when the magic happened y NIKKI STEELE STYLE was born!                                                                            

MY ULTIMATE WHY! My son, Julio was born in Guatemala and bloomed in our heart! I will never be able to thank the woman enough who gave birth y brought this bonito bambino into our world, but I do know I can try by helping other women like her. That’s why I have created, curated, y styled merchandise hand made by the women of Guatemala, plus other products created by women here in Minnesota, the United States y all around the world! Employing and empowering these women so they can help take care of themselves y their familias, y ultimately changing their world is the best feeling on the planet!

About the Pineapple: Three reasons: 1) Did you know that the Pineapple is a symbol of ALL are welcome, hospitality (one of the Benedictine values y part of my roots), and abundance? Well it is, and hence the Pineapple was hand selected as the logo for NIKKI STEELE STYLE. 2) Hawaii, also a place of plentiful pineapples, happens to be one of our familia’s favorite places on earth to vacation! 3) Another reason we use pineapples has to do with the many years of styling many, many, women of ALL body types (long arms, broad shoulders, short, tall, YOU name it! I understand we don’t all come in the same shapes or sizes and sometimes we just need that extra inch on the arm or shoulders. I see that. I hear you. That’s why I have styles y merchandise made possible for ALL of YOU! With that, NIKKI STEELE STYLE has created a system that combines the four main body types of: Apples, Bananas, Hour Glass, y Pears. ALL of these body types are coined as Pineapples! With NS Style, I want ALL to be able to wear, be stylish, y have fun - not excluding anyone! When there is a style that looks great on every body we give that a Pineapples Thumbs Up! That’s why YOU are all Pineapples- ALL are welcome at NIKKI STEELE STYLE! Plus- it feels great y it’s easy to remember this empowering mantra to: Be Like A Pineapple - Stand Tall - Wear A Crown - Be Sweet On the Inside!

Spanish? Spanglish?- Why I use it! If you haven’t figured it out already, I love to infuse the Spanish language into my vernacular. Why? Because the Spanish language is part of our familia’s culture. My son was born in Latin America and the Spanish Language is spoken in that area of the world. Also, the Spanish people y culture are one of the largest influences in America today! Why not embrace this bonita culture- right? And (y), I see many light hearted benefits of using the Spanish language. For instance, it can save you a ton of time while typing or texting. Did you know the letter y(Y) is the word AND in Spanish? Typing (y) instead of a-n-d saves all the time y hassle in the world! Especially for those one handed texters like me! Y (AND) if you Tweet, it cuts down on characters, so you can fit more in your messages! Heck- I think the English Language needs to adopt the letter Y(y) permanently to replace the word AND! Who is with me on that?! That’s how the English language was y is created anyways- wasn’t it?! It contains all sorts of words from other languages. I think I just may make the Y(y) AND one of my life goals and start the Y AND movement! Lets make Y part of the English language permanently! ;) Actually, I am surprised this hasn’t happened yet!

Now YOU know ALL about NIKKI STEELE- I’d love to get to know YOU! We can get to know each other by following @nikkisteelestyle on social sites y commenting, liking, y sharing what YOU are up to! Send us YOUr IG handle y we’ll follow you back! We can’t have The Pineapple Styling Nation (PSN) without all of YOU!

Gracias everyone for all your love y support! I couldn’t have started NIKKI STEELE STYLE without any of you Bonita Pineapples! I am especially grateful for the love y support of my husband, son, y especially my mom- Mary Bernel. She has always inspired me to be my own person, do good, know that familia y friends are the highest priority, support all, but especially women y the under dogs in life. Mom is always cheering me on in everything I do. How lucky am I?! Mom is the truly Thee Ultimate Pineapple!

They say if you write it, put it out there, it will come! So I guess that’s what I’m doing! Now YOU know!