The Pineapple Picks of the Fall Season

Pineapples, I am about ready to flip my lid as I just spent about 3 hours writing this blog post and poof! Gone! I can’t believe it and it was sooo good too! I so wanted to get it out exactly at 2:20pm cst. right exactly on the Autumnal Equinox- but unfortunately that didn’t happen, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying all that Fall Style has to offer. Am I right Pineapples? So here it goes  without further a do: The Fall Style Pineapple Picks of the Season! (It's going to be brief but if you want more style info please join us on our social pages @nikkisteelestyle…

1. The Shacket! Need I say more. It’s not a shirt. It’s not a jacket. It’s a Shacket! Here’s a great dressy version that comes in black too! If you’re part of the PSN then you already know- we’ve been talking about this for quite some time now but the world has now caught on so you better get on board now too!

2. Flutter Sleeve- Looks great on everybody- we are loving this leopard print one!

3. Vegan Leather- get yours already! Try these-

4. Sparkle y Shine- Yes, Pineapple YOU deserve to be seen and heard even before the holiday season! We love this top as it incorporates shine and the flutter sleeve!

5. Cut Outs- Don’t freak out! It’s not just for 16 year olds! See ours below- loooove this! Super stylish,smart, and sexy!

Pineapples so there are the 5 Pineapple Picks of the Fall Season- I apologize for the brevity but it’s now late and I am redoing this blog since poof it disappeared earlier- So I am hoping you get the gist- if you want more style details please follow us @nikkisteelestyle on Facebook and Instagram where you’ll find us on stories, and every week Live-streaming our NS Style Show where you can save time by doing your shopping with your friends right from your phone, desk, workout or wherever you can watch us Live! Join us! It’s so much fun!

Have you heard?

1. Nikki Steele Style was featured in the Huff Post! Woot! Woot! Check out the article here- pay special attention to the last paragraph. Truth Pineapples!

2. We’re doing a Pop-Up Shop at the new event space called Hygge and Fond in Uptown Hamel- perhaps the new venue for our next style party- who’s up for that?

3. New website, new look, not so pretty yet- but functional- gracias for bearing with us during all these changes!

Gracias Pineapples for being part of the PSN and knowing and believing that when we look good, we feel good, and then we do good. We can change the world one style at a time! Who’s with me?! Who are you inviting to join in?! Always looking for more Pineapples- the more the merrier!

Stay tuned for future style parties and events! Woot! Woot!

Until Next Time 💋-

Nikki 🍍

Nikki Steele Style

(It’s not about the name, it’s about the vibe!)



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